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  • Artex - Easy to Install Article

    Is it easy to install plasterboard?

    Having plasterboard installed professionally is costly, and doing it yourself can be a nifty way to stay within budget.

    But if you’ve never done it before, installing plasterboard feels like a daunting task. Here we look at how easy the installation process is, and introduce a simpler alternative to traditional board.

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  • Gyproc Plasterboard Repair Patch

    Gyproc Plasterboard Patch user guide

    Plasterboard wall repairs

    Gyproc plasterboard patches make the task of repairing damage to walls quick and easy.

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  • Artex - Gyproc Habito Fixing Objects

    Fixing heavy items to plasterboard

    Fix 15kg with just one screw

    From home cinema systems to kitchen cabinets, most of us rely on our walls to support large amounts of weight. But standard plasterboard can make it difficult to get the most out of modern living spaces, with a lengthy preparation process for hanging everyday objects.

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  • plaster vs polystyrene

    Plaster coving or polystyrene coving

    Should you use plaster coving or polystyrene coving material for your next project?

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  • putting up coving

    How to put up coving

    Learn how to put up coving and prepare it for decorating

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  • How to fit cove

    How to fit coving

    Learn how to fit coving with our guide to essential preparation and first steps

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