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How to apply Dalapro Roll Nova

A how-to guide on ways to apply ready-mixed roller applied wall covering Dalapro Roll Nova for a professional finish before decorating.

Equipment: Dalapro Roll Nova, 9" roller, putty knife, sandpaper, safety gear (goggles, dust mask, gloves).

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Decorators might tell you that applying filler can be tough work. With a roller applied wall covering, you quite simply work smarter on all home renovation projects. Picture the scenario. You’ve removed wallpaper and it has damaged the plaster on interior walls. Plaster damage can be swiftly rectified with Dalapro Roll Nova instead of calling in specialist trades to reskim a whole wall.


Dalapro Roll Nova is perfect for smoothing over walls providing a professional, high-quality finish every time, Dalapro Roll Nova is suitable for quickly making the wall smooth and easy to sand before your decorating or repair project. Dalapro Roll Nova is suitable for most substrates on walls and ceilings indoors, such as concrete, plaster, fabric, and wallpaper.


Trust us, follow our simple five-step process and you will not look back!

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To start, check the surface. You should also sand and fix any holes or rough spots. 

Roll with it
Dalapro Application

Use a roller on a pole to apply the Dalapro Roll Nova to clean, dry, and intact surfaces. Apply the product to as large an area as you think you will be able to smooth before the product starts to dry. The wall covering should be smoothed as soon as it is fully applied to the wall or ceiling area. For best results ensure the minimum temperature is +5°C.

Smooth the way
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If it has dried too much, open the wall covering once more, and using the roller, lightly go over the drying area.

Fine details
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Use the product on the putty knife when smoothing to apply finely in corners and ceiling angles.

One final thing
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Last but by no means least, skim off the excess product and once dry, make sure to sand it down with 150-180 grit sandpaper. The smooth consistency makes this wall covering easy to apply with a swift eight-hour drying time, which can be achieved with adequate air flow (open windows). Once you are satisfied with the smoothness and appearance, you can prime and paint the surface to finish the project. Drying times can vary depending on temperature and humidity, but it typically takes several hours. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for drying time.

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Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and don’t forget to always wear appropriate safety gear and work in a well-ventilated area when using this product.

Dalapro Roll Nova will be available in Selco, Builder Depot, and Dulux from October 2023.