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Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches

The permanent repair solution for damaged plasterboard, in a handy pack of two!
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Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches are ideal for covering holes up to 100mm². A strong aluminium plate provides permeant repairs with no rusting for small holes or other damage to the plasterboard and plastered walls. With a self-adhesive mesh backing, they are quick and easy to apply without specialist tools.


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Key facts

  • Pack of two self-adhesive plasterboard patches with aluminium plate and fibreglass mesh
  • A permanent repair solution for holes and general damage to plasterboard and plastered surfaces
  • Each patch will sufficiently cover a single socket or spotlight void
  • Plate size: 100mm x 100mm; full patch size including outer mesh: 150mm x 150mm

Technical Information

Articles information
Name SKU length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
NameEasiPatch Plasterboard Patches SKU5200911776 length (mm)180 Width (mm)160 Height (mm)3 Weight (kg)70


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