Artex delivers customer satisfaction

In our recent satisfaction survey, our customers gave us the highest score we’ve ever had. This placed us in the top 16% of the TLF UK Customer Satisfaction Index™, a national measure of satisfaction based on 1,200 brands in different industries.

Customers told us they were highly satisfied with the quality of our products, our product knowledge, and the availability of stock, among other things.

They also suggested some improvements, including better notification of delivery changes. In response to this feedback, we’ve partnered with UK distributor Knights of Old to revamp our delivery service.

Let’s take a look at what’s changing, and what this means for our customers.

Delivery tracking

Automatic GPS notifications will let us track the locations of our vehicles, so we can notify you of any changes to your delivery.

This means you can plan accordingly, notifying your customers of possible delays. Most importantly, it means you won’t lose orders because of late deliveries.

As well as this, we’ll use pallet labelling and proof of delivery to make sure your orders are always accurate and fully traceable.

Investment in new fleet of vehicles

To enable us to bring about these improvements we’ve invested in a brand new fleet of over 50 vehicles, of varying sizes, to support our flexible delivery service. They’ll run more efficiently, reducing the impact on the environment, as well as bring a host of safety features, such as proximity alarms and cameras that minimise blind spots, making our deliveries safer for other road users and our drivers alike.

artex fleet

Enhanced driver training and consistency

Delivery drivers do far more than get your goods from A to B. That’s why all our drivers will have enhanced driver training, making their journeys safer and more efficient. The training will also enhance our drivers’ customer service skills so that they can better respond to your needs.

Knights of Old

Knights of Old has been distributing goods for over 150 years. Today, it distributes throughout the UK and Europe, with a logistics network made up of 34,200 vehicles and 53,000 employees.

The company is committed to improving health and safety and minimising its impact on the environment, using its sense of responsibility to champion real change in these areas.

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