Gyproc Express

48 hour stockist delivery service

Gyproc Express is a 48 hour delivery service from Artex giving you quick and easy access to the Gyproc jointing and filling range.

It’s a great way to order small quantities quickly and often, keeping your shelves stocked up and your customers happy.

Interested in becoming a stockist? To help promote the Gyproc jointing and filling range in store, we’ve created a unique range of high profile point of sale units to suit small or large stock profiles. Visit the point of sale page to find out more.

If you’re already using the Gyproc Express service, don’t forget to check out our handy ordering guide.

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To find out more about the Gyproc Express service or about becoming a stockist, fill out our enquiry form.

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How does it work?

Quick and easy access to the market’s favourite Gyproc products.

48 hours delivery

Interested in Gyproc Express delivery service? Find out how to become a stockist.


Which products are available in the Gyproc Express service? 

Gyproc new suite of point of sale to promote the products in store

We've created a new suite of point of sale that you can use to promote the products in store. 


Regulary order up to 4 25kg of selected Gyproc jointing and filling products 

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The express way to increase your sales.