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  • Artex - Novelio Teaser

    9 reasons to choose Novelio wallcoverings

    Novelio fibreglass wallcoverings give walls both substance and style.

    They’re more durable than most wallpapers, covering cracks and resisting impact in high traffic areas.

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  • Artex - Fold-A-Board Panel

    5 reasons to use Fold-a-Board

    Fold-a-Board is a moisture resistant plasterboard that folds to make transporting and fixing hassle free.

    Here we share five great reasons to use Fold-a-Board, from removing the need for van rentals to being perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

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  • Artex - Moisture Resistant Board

    3 moisture resistant plasterboards

    If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to use a moisture resistant plasterboard to prevent water damage to walls and make them as durable as possible.

    Here are three high performance moisture resistant plasterboards to consider.

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  • Artex - Easy to Install Article

    Is it easy to install plasterboard?

    Having plasterboard installed professionally is costly, and doing it yourself can be a nifty way to stay within budget.

    But if you’ve never done it before, installing plasterboard feels like a daunting task. Here we look at how easy the installation process is, and introduce a simpler alternative to traditional board.

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  • Artex - Fold-a-Board

    Transporting plasterboard in a car

    A method you've never heard of before

    Whether it’s for a DIY job or a client, you might need to move plasterboard from one place to another. But if your mode of transport is a car, how can you get the job done?

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  • Gyproc Plasterboard Repair Patch

    Gyproc Plasterboard Patch user guide

    Plasterboard wall repairs

    Gyproc plasterboard patches make the task of repairing damage to walls quick and easy.

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