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  • Artex - Repair holes in plaster

    3 ways to fill deep holes in plaster walls

    Removing fixings or cables can leave unsightly holes in plaster walls. To repair them, you need both a deep fill and a smooth finish, and you can achieve this using two coat plaster, one coat plaster, or ready mix filler.

    Here we show you how to use each method to fill deep holes in plaster walls.

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  • Artex - Moisture Resistant Board

    3 moisture resistant plasterboards

    If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to use a moisture resistant plasterboard to prevent water damage to walls and make them as durable as possible.

    Here are three high performance moisture resistant plasterboards to consider.

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  • Artex - High Traffic Areas Article

    3 wall treatments for high traffic areas

    Walls in high traffic areas are prone to the worst damage, whether it’s from furniture removals or everyday activities.

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  • Artex - Easy to Install Article

    Is it easy to install plasterboard?

    Installing plasterboard yourself can be a nifty way to stay within budget when making home renovations. But if you’ve never done it before, it can feel like a daunting task.

    Here we look at how easy the plasterboard installation process is, so that you can decide whether to go it alone or get the professionals in.

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  • Removing unwanted texture

    How to smooth over unwanted texture

    Now is your chance for a fresh start and a smooth ceiling.

    Smooth-It is ideal for covering over existing textured surfaces to leave a smooth surface. It contains everything you need to get the job done easily and hassle free. So, watch this handy video, then roll up your sleeves and get to grips with that ceiling using our Artex Easifix Smooth-it Kit!

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  • plaster vs polystyrene

    Plaster coving or polystyrene coving

    Should you use plaster coving or polystyrene coving material for your next project?

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  • Cutting coving

    How to cut coving

    Our step-by-step guide takes you through how to cut coving

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  • putting up coving

    How to put up coving

    Learn how to put up coving and prepare it for decorating

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  • How to fit cove

    How to fit coving

    Learn how to fit coving with our guide to essential preparation and first steps

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  • Gyproc Profilex Access Panels - Walls

    Using Gyproc Profilex Wall Access Panels

    Make access quick and easy in walls

    Gyproc Profilex Access Panels are an easy way to create access to hidden services in walls, such as electrical control units, valves, light switches and pipes. Looking for advice on how to install wall access panels? The following video shows you exactly how to do this using Gyproc Profilex wall panels.

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  • Gyproc FibaTape

    Which FibaTape works best for you?

    Which FibaTape plasterboard joint tape works best for you?

    Gyproc Our 4 unique drywall joint tapes make easy work of plastering and jointing.

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  • Gyproc Profilex Access Panels - Ceilings

    Using Gyproc Profilex Ceiling Panels

    Using Gyproc Profilex for ceiling panel installation

    If you have concealed services in the ceilings, such as air condition units or electric cabling, Gyproc Profilex Access Panels offer you a professional way to make access quick and easy.

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  • Artex

    Fix holes and cracks in walls

    How to fix holes and cracks in walls

    It’s easily done, whether it’s the door handle, back of a chair, or a child’s toy that’s been hurled across the room, holes in your walls can seem a nightmare to repair.

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  • Gyproc Cove

    Enhance your room with cove

    Use coving to compliment your home décor and hide settlement cracks between walls and ceilings.

    100mm C profiles are ideal for smaller rooms or a more discrete finish, 127mm C profiles are the most popular design and 135mm S shaped profiles create a decorative effect.

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  • Gyproc Plasterboard Repair Patch

    Gyproc Plasterboard Patch user guide

    Plasterboard wall repairs

    Gyproc plasterboard patches make the task of repairing damage to walls quick and easy.

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  • Artex - Repairing Walls

    Using wallpaper to cover cracks in walls

    Whether you live in an old house or your walls have suffered recent damage, they could probably do with some TLC.

    As an alternative to re-skimming your walls, wallpapers and wallcoverings can provide a fast and cost effective way to cover cracks.

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  • Plaster over Artex

    Plastering over Artex

    Two different ways of plastering over Artex textured finishes

    If you’re ready to make a change to a textured wall or ceiling, there are two ways of plastering over Artex textured finishes.

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  • Artex paint

    Painting over Artex textured finishes

    Simple and unique ways to tackle textured Artex paint jobs

    A textured Artex paint job might take more consideration than painting a smooth surface, but it doesn’t have to be boring. When painting over Artex, use your textured Artex surface to inspire your décor for a really unique room.

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  • Artex ceiling

    Artex ceiling

    5 popular Artex ceiling patterns you can do yourself

    Artex ceiling application basics

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  • Repair textured ceiling

    Repairing damaged texture

    Using the Artex Easifix Texture Repair Kit

    If you’ve been afraid to tackle a textured wall or ceiling that’s in need of repair, fear not, this handy guide will show you how to apply and seamlessly blend the texture into the existing pattern, using the Artex Easifix Texture Repair Kit.

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  • ThistlePro Magnetic

    Creating a magnetic wall

    Use ThistlePro Magnetic plaster to create inspiring living spaces around your home

    ThistlePro Magnetic is a unique new product designed to transform any wall in to a surface which attracts magnets.

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  • ThistlePro Magnetic

    How to use ThistlePro Magnetic

    Applying magnetic plaster to create unique walls

    ThistlePro Magnetic plaster is a unique new product designed to transform any wall into a surface which attracts magnets. Transform any wall into a surface which attracts magnets.

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  • Easi-Filler Range

    Gyproc Easi-Fill

    Which to choose?

    Here’s an easy way to restore damage to your rendered walls.

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  • Mending damaged floors

    Concrete floor repair

    Here’s an easy repair guide for solid floors

    Artex Easifix Floor Repair Kit for concrete floor repair.

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  • How to repair a rendered wall

    How to repair a rendered wall

    Using the Artex Easifix Render Repair Kit

    Here’s an easy way to restore damage to your rendered walls.

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