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Which Gyproc FibaTape® is best for your project? 


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Fibreglass mesh tape is a speedy and user-friendly product for tradespeople and Gyproc® has a range of solutions to cover just about any job.

For the perfect and professional finish to strengthen between plasterboard joints, it’s crucial to use a jointing tape.

Gyproc’s range of self-adhesive fibreglass tapes are ideal for use in plastering, taping and jointing jobs – easy solutions that are ready to stick into place, without the need for an extra filler or compound underneath.

Paper-based products are also available for plasterboard taping and jointing, but fibreglass tape, both user-friendly and speedy, is increasingly popular for use on taping and jointing plasterboard joints when used with setting products.

Fibreglass mesh tapes provide strength and flexibility, staying firmly in place while you spread a setting jointing compound over the joint. Fibreglass mesh tapes are commonly applied for plasterboard joints when being plastered. British Gypsum recommends using Gyproc joint tape where there is an increased risk of cracking or where gaps exceed 3mm for reinforcement.

How to apply Gyproc FibaTapes

Fast and straightforward, you can simply place your selected tape over a joint of no more than 2mm width, cut to length with either a taping knife or the edge of a finishing trowel, and apply Gyproc Joint Filler or Gyproc EasiFill over the top.

Once the filler has set, you can apply the second coat of jointing material with either hand tools or finishing boxes.

The tape will provide strength on the joint, which is why, when taping and jointing, it should always be ‘bedded in’ using a setting compound.

Gyproc’s FibaTape range

There’s something for everyone ranging from the FibaTape Classic, a general-purpose product through to the Gyproc FibaTape Mold-X, which inhibits mould growth in areas of high moisture.

Whatever the type of board or project a tradesperson is faced with, Gyproc has a Fibatape solution, easily identified by its colour.

Gyproc FibaTape Classic (blue)


Superior self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tape

Where to use: Ideal for both tapered and square-edge (plastering only) plasterboard joints

Size: 48mm width x 90m length

Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish (white)

Self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tape with a tighter mesh weave that is 30% thinner than standard tape and with 50% more intersection points, and an increased number of fabric yarns offering unparalleled durability.

Where to use: The ultra-thin tape makes it easy to conceal square and butt-edge plasterboard joints

Size: 48mm width x 90m length

Gyproc FibaTape Mold-X (green)

Self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tape with an anti-microbial coating.


Where to use: Moisture-resistant boards for increased mould protection

Size: 48mm width x 90m length