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Weber Range

Rejuvenating a building with a high-quality render can transform the appearance of external walls. We explore some of Weber’s solutions.

Render is an external finish that should last between 20 to 30 years, so it’s imperative that you select a high-quality and durable finish. The Weber range of renders and decorative finishes offers fast application onto a variety of substrates and includes traditional finishes and advanced flexible coatings. Not only can you create a striking home, but renders can help to protect the walls from the elements.

Weber monocouche renders

Weber monocouche renders are the perfect choice for a durable and low-maintenance facade offering a decorative, coloured finish.

Weberpral M

What is it?
A weather-resistant exterior render ideal for new build or refurbishment projects. It can be used to create ashlar and quoin features, and is suitable for use on entire elevations, feature panels or smaller areas such as garden walls. 

This type of render can achieve a scraped or roughcast finish – suitable for most types of brick or blockwork.

How is it applied?
A single coat render applied in two passes means fast application with shorter programme periods. It can be applied by hand or by spray pump.


  • Single coat for fast application and shorter programme periods.
  • Formulated to be spray applied by render pump for faster application.
  • Coloured render for low maintenance with no further decoration required.
  • Can be used to create a scraped or roughcast render finish.
  • Weather and algae resistant.


Available in 25kg bags (approximately 1m2 coverage)

Weber M

weberend OCR

What is it?
A pump or hand applied one coat render. Ideal as a base for decorative finishes such as cullamix tyrolean and weberplast TF.

How is it applied?
In one coat, providing results equivalent to traditional two coat renders.


  • weberend OCR avoids the drying time associated with multi-coat render systems and offers results equivalent to traditional two coat renders
  • Resists the penetration of external water and has excellent weather resistance and durability, while allowing the structure to breathe.
  • Factory batched for consistency.
  • Gives the same final appearance as a traditional sand and cement render mix but in significantly less time.


Available in 25kg bags.



Weberend aid (Stipple Coat)

What is it?
A polymer-modified sand and cement stipple render. It is used as a preparatory coat which improves the application of render onto poorly keyed surfaces, such as, smooth concrete, or by providing suction control across substrates of uneven or high suction. It can be used on dense concretebrickwork, blockwork, and masonry.

How is it used?
Used as a preparatory key coat before applying render and includes an integral bonding agent so it requires only the addition of clean water on site.


  • Improves key prior to application of render onto a smooth or otherwise unsuitable but sound surface.
  • Provides excellent suction control across both high and low suction substrates.
  • Resists the penetration of external water to improve the weather resistance of rendering systems.
  • Quality controlled and factory blended for consistency.
  • Easy to apply by hawk and trowel before finishing with a stipple roller.


Available in 25kg bags.


weberplast TF

What is it? 

An acrylic based decorative render finish for application onto base coat renders, offering excellent performance and is a reliable solution for harsh or exposed conditions. It contains 1.5mm aggregate which creates a modern even textured finish.

How is it used?
Pre-mixed and ready to apply in wet form.


  • Available in over 100 colours.
  • Excellent all-round weather performance.
  • Factory batched and ready to use in its wet form.
  • Durable and resilient thin coat render finish.
  • Forms part of several BBA approved insulation systems.


Available in 15kg buckets.


Cullamix Tryolean

What is it? 

A coloured render which creates a traditional, open honeycomb tyrolean finish.

How is it used?
Applied onto a base coat like weberend OCR.


  • Pre-blended tyrolean mix — requires only the addition of clean water on site.
  • Durable and weather resistant.
  • Through-coloured — requires minimal maintenance and no subsequent painting.
  • Suitable for most environments: coastal, suburban, and rural.
  • Can be used for both internal and external projects.


Available in 25kg bags.

cullamix tyrolean design