Using wallpaper to cover cracks in walls

Whether you live in an old house or your walls have suffered recent damage, they could probably do with some TLC.

As an alternative to re-skimming your walls, wallpapers and wallcoverings can provide a fast and cost effective way to cover cracks.

What wallpaper to use when covering cracks

Here’s what to consider when choosing wallpaper to cover cracks in your walls.

Material: Vinyl or standard wallpaper cover up simply follows the shape of the wall, and even shrinks into cracks, which does nothing to hide imperfections. Use a thick, strong fibreglass wallcovering, which bridges over damage to provide a smooth finish. You can decorate over this for a more personalised look and feel.

Texture: Wallpaper with a subtle texture helps mask imperfections, as well as adding variety to the space.

Pattern: Some wallpaper patterns, such as geometric designs with stark colour contrasts, can actually make cracks in walls more obvious rather than disguising them. This is because the patterns change shape as they follow the uneven texture of the walls. Instead, choose a solid colour or subtle, natural pattern to create a smooth and clean look.

Preparing cracked walls for wallpaper 

Before you hang your wallpaper, remove everything from the wall, including screws and nails.

Sand away any protruding imperfections, and use a suitable filler for significant damage to make the finished result as smooth as possible.

For very large holes and deep cracks, use self-adhesive plasterboard patches with a filler to cover damage and protect the plaster.

Following any repairs, allow the walls to dry prior to using a suitable primer. Once the primer has dried, adhesive can be applied to the wall or substrate, and you’re ready to start hanging.

Decorating cracked walls.

When choosing wallpaper to cover cracks, why not choose striking colours or natural design, such as those in the Novelio Nature range. Alternatively, you can pick plain wallpaper that you can paint over. This way, once you’ve covered cracks in your walls, you have a blank canvas for decoration.

This works especially well if you have a single cracked wall that you would like to keep consistent with other walls; simply paint over it in a similar colour so that it blends in.

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