Gyproc Profilex Access Panels - Walls

Gyproc Wall Panel Installation

Make access quick and easy in walls

Gyproc Profilex Access Panels are an easy way to create access to hidden services in walls, such as electrical control units, valves, light switches and pipes. Looking for advice on how to install wall access panels? The following video shows you exactly how to do this using Gyproc Profilex wall panels.

Ceiling Panel Installation Guide

  1. If the access panel is heavy or you are installing Gyproc Profilex FR2 Wall Panel, remove the door first.
  2. Insert the access panel into the aperture. The aperture should be 10mm larger than the access panel. 
  3. Fix the access panel to the framework through the pre-drilled holes on all internal sides of the frame. 
  4. For beaded and plaster frames screw through the frame holes (150mm centres) on the front of the panel, to reduce cracking. 
  5. For beaded frames, apply tape over the frame edge and finish with plaster or joint compound. 
  6. If you are installing beaded frame panel, once the jointing compound is dry and sanded smooth, you can decorate as required