Gyproc Profilex Access Panels - Ceilings

Ceiling Panel Installation

Using Gyproc Profilex for ceiling panel installation

If you have concealed services in the ceilings, such as air condition units or electric cabling, Gyproc Profilex Access Panels offer you a professional way to make access quick and easy.

1. Insert the frame into the prepared aperture, ensuring the pre-cut hole is 10mm larger on each side of the access panel.

2. For large size and heavy panels, remove the door.

3. Using screws, fix the frame into the framework or masonry ensuring:
  • The fixings are installed using the pre-prepared holes on all 4 sides of the frame – which helps to prevent cracking
  • When screwing through the beaded frame flange, ensure that the heads of the screws are below the edge of the frame, spaced at 150mm centres

4. Replace the door if removed. When the door is shut, ensure the gap between the panel and the door is equal all around

5. Apply tape directly over where the beaded frame meets the plasterboard (to assist in preventing cracking)

6. Finish with plaster or joint compound then decorate as required