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Thistlepro Magnetic and Fastset Plaster

ThistlePro Magnetic and ThistlePro FastSet Finish could be the solutions for your project and here is why.

Time is always of the essence to housebuilders. Fact. ThistlePro plasters offer finishing solutions that help you to build homes that meet the ever-changing needs of homeowners.

While the Thistle Essential plasters range features everyday undercoat and finishing plasters, used daily by most plasterers, the ThistlePro range offers finishing products and solutions with faster finishing times.

ThistlePro Magnetic

Creating a fun, interactive space can be achieved with ThistlePro Magnetic plaster.

This unique skim finish plaster attracts magnets and provides end users with interactive wall surfaces. By using ThistlePro Magnetic plaster, homeowners can convert the walls into interactive notice boards.


The finishing plaster's strong magnetic attraction means you can hang paintings and other items without any fixings, and then move them when you want without leaving any damage.

Simply decorate the plaster as normal or add whiteboard or chalkboard paint to create an interactive wall for schools, offices, or children's bedrooms. Magnetic plaster is an excellent choice for feature walls in living spaces.

Benefits: in brief

  • Finishing plaster that attracts magnets* without fixings.
  • Ideal for home offices, kitchens, children's bedrooms, feature walls.
  • Perfect for meeting rooms, notice boards and reception areas at work.
  • 5m² coverage per bag based on 3mm thickness.
  • Available in 25kg bags.          

* Does not interfere with Wi-Fi, phone signals, pacemakers.

ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster

ThistlePro FastSet Finish

The clue is in the name: ThistlePro FastSet Finish is fast and enables you to finish in half the time of standard skim finish plaster, with no compromise on performance. This enables rapid completion of projects, customer satisfaction and allows plasterers to move on to their next project.

ThistlePro FastSet Finish is a quick setting gypsum finish plaster that provides a smooth, high-quality surface finish; ideal for patch and repair jobs as well as smaller internal walls and ceilings.

Perfect for use on low suction backgrounds like plasterboard, Glasroc
® F MultiBoard, Glasroc F FireCase, Rigidur H (pre-treated with Thistle GypPrime) flat concrete, and other flat surfaces treated with bonding agents. It's also suitable for medium-high suction gypsum or cement-based undercoat plasters.


Benefits: in brief

  • Sets in just 60 minutes so you can get the job done faster
  • Easy to apply for a smooth finish that’s ready for decoration
  • 10m2 wall coverage per bag based on 2mm thickness
  • Available in 25kg bags

British Gypsum’s ThistlePro plaster range also features ThistlePro PureFinish and ThistlePro DuraFinish, which are manufactured to provide better indoor air quality and a more durable finish.


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ThistlePro FastSet Finish Plaster

How does the ThistlePro range differ to Thistle Essential plasters?

The range’s performance and different application to Thistle MultiFinish sets the products apart.

Installation guides are available from British Gypsum


ThistlePro FastSet Finish has a faster installation process when compared with Thistle MultiFinish. For the fastest finish, a single mix for both first and second coat is recommended.

ThistlePro Magnetic plaster is applied with thicker coats of around 2mm at a time rather than the standard 1mm, with a total application thickness between 3-6mm. Due to the make-up of the plaster, it has a longer setting time between coats and requires more attention than a regular plaster.