Artex - Fold-a-Board

Transporting plasterboard in a car

A method you've never heard of before

Whether it’s for a DIY job or a client, you might need to move plasterboard from one place to another. But if your mode of transport is a car, how can you get the job done?

Here we look at some common but flawed methods for transporting plasterboard in a car, and introduce a solution you’ve probably never heard of before.

1. Tie them to the roof

If they won’t go inside the car, you might have considered tying the boards to the roof of your car. It seems glaringly obvious, and it can’t be hard, can it?

This could be done by laying the boards on a roof rack or two pieces of timber secured to the roof, and then looping rope or straps over the boards and through the inside of the car.

We strongly recommend NOT doing this for a number of reasons. Even when tied tightly and carefully, it’s still possible for the boards to move around and bend in the wind. This could damage the plasterboard beyond repair, not to mention the risk it causes to you and other road users.

2. Rent a van

Another option is simply hiring a larger vehicle to transport the plasterboard. This means you can keep the board safe and prevent hazards on the road.

On the other hand, van hire can be costly, eating into the profits from your next job.

3. Score and fold

Some recommend getting boards inside your car by scoring them halfway horizontally, or even vertically. This involves scoring the back of each board with a sharp blade, then snapping it in half while keeping the front paper lining intact.

While it means you can transport plasterboard inside your car, you do risk damaging the integrity of the board by breaking one side of the paper lining. This means you’ll need to treat the board as two pieces, potentially requiring extra studs behind them.

4. Use folding plasterboard

And now for the big reveal… there’s actually a way of transporting plasterboard inside your car without damaging it.

Fold-a-Board is a moisture resistant plasterboard with a built-in crease that allows it to fold in two. It’s securely folded over, which makes it easy to pick up, load into your car and carry to the room you need it in. The plasterboard can then simply be unfolded when offering to the wall. The result is a plasterboard that is just as strong as other leading products.

To find out more about using Fold-a-Board, get in touch.