Repair textured ceiling

Textured ceiling repair

Using the Artex Easifix Texture Repair Kit

If you’ve been afraid to tackle a textured wall or ceiling that’s in need of repair, fear not, this handy guide will show you how to apply and seamlessly blend the texture into the existing pattern, using the Artex Easifix Texture Repair Kit.


Surface Preparation

Ensure areas are clean, dry and free from flaking material, oil and grease. For gloss surfaces lightly sand to provide a key, then using a damp sponge remove the dust and allow to dry.  


Use a large emulsion brush to apply a generous even coat of texture and blend into the surrounding area to match the existing pattern. Always clean splashes as you go. Clean tools and bucket using warm soapy water immediately after use. 

Matching the pattern

Broken Leather
Cover the texturing brush with a thick polythene bag, wrapping any excess polythene around the handle. Twist the brush left and right whilst lightly bouncing over the covered surface. Avoid working in straight lines to keep the pattern random.

Stipple pattern
Bounce the covered surface using the texturing brush bringing it away cleanly each time. Turn the brush slightly after each dab to avoid “box” marks. If the brush becomes clogged with texture shake off the excess before continuing.

Swirl pattern
lightly place the texturing brush on the covered surface then spin the brush and pull away cleanly. Repeat to create the next swirl. Avoid running in straight lines to keep the pattern random.

Drying time
Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours ensuring that the room temperature remains above 5°C and adequate ventilation is provided.


To match the existing surface colour, paint when dry with a good quality emulsion. Always follow the paint manufacturers’ instructions for porous surfaces.


This kit is sufficient to repair 1.8 – 3m² depending on texture design and thickness.


Store off the floor in a clean and dry environment as absorption of moisture can affect the performance of the product. If stored correctly, the shelf life is 2 months. Bags are printed with a ‘use by date’.