putting up coving

How to put up coving – installing coving

Learn how to put up coving and prepare it for decorating

With all the preparation out the way and your pieces of coving cut, this guide will explain everything you need to know about installing coving. Once fixed and dry, you’ll be able to decorate your new coving. You’ll need: 

Artex Easifix

  1. Multi-Purpose Adhesive
  2. Stripping knife
  3. Sponge
  4. Fine grade sandpaper
  5. Panel pins or small nails
  6. Hammer
  7. Artex Easifix Cove Joint & Gap Filler
  8. Artex Easifix Cove Primer
  9. Paint

How to put up coving fixing and preparing for decoration

  1. Take a piece of cut coving and apply a generous, thick wedge of Artex Easifix Multi-Purpose Adhesive to both the wall edge and ceiling edge.
  2. Position the cove piece between the marked guidelines (you can use a small, mitred off-cut to ensure the next piece will match up).
  3. Use your fingers, a stripping knife or a sponge to remove excess coving adhesive, using it to fill in any gaps around the edges or corners.
  4. With a hammer, lightly tap panel pins or small nails into the wall and ceiling either side of the cove, 600mm apart.This will help support the coving as the adhesive hardens.
  5. Once dry, carefully remove any supporting pins and lightly sand off any excess adhesive for a smooth finish. Fill any holes with Artex Easifix Cover Joint & Gap Filler.
  6. Before you decorate, seal the porous surface with Artex Easifix Cove Primer.
  7. Finally, when dry, paint with a good quality emulsion.

Tip: Why not prime and paint the coving prior to cutting. This could save time ‘cutting in’ as well as making it easier to wipe off any excess adhesive

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