Artex - Fold-A-Board

Fold-a-Board: 5 Top Tips

Fold-a-Board is a moisture resistant folding plasterboard that makes transporting and fixing super easy.

If you plan to use it in your next project, follow these tips for a simple and effective installation.

1. Measure wall length

Measure the length of the wall you’re going to cover before buying your boards. This will ensure you don’t fall short and have to make a last minute trip back to the store.

Also consider other parts of the room that will be covered. For example, decide whether you’ll need extra plasterboard to go above and below windows and around window reveals.

2. Measure wall height

You should also take an accurate measurement of the heights of walls to be covered. This means you can cut boards to fit the space perfectly.

Cut the shorter length of board, as this will make it easier to swing the board out from the fold. Make sure you mark a straight, square line, then score and snap using a sharp blade. Carefully cut the lining paper on the other side to achieve a clean edge.

3. Make enough space

When folded, Fold-a-Board is compact and easy to carry. But ensure you have enough space in the room to open it out fully.

You may need to lay the board down on the floor to cut before fixing, so clear any obstacles that could get in your way, and make sure you have a flat surface that’s covered if need be.

4. Fix the bottom first

Fold-a-Board makes fixing simple by letting you work on one section at a time. When screw fixing, fix the bottom edge of the board to the wall first. When the bottom is secured, you can open out the top and fix with screws. Then fix additional screws 30cm apart into the studwork, taking care not to screw too far.

Don’t forget to fix the boards vertically; not only are they easier to fix this way, but the result will be stronger. Make sure the boards are fixed securely and evenly, with a small gap of no more than 3mm between them.

5.Fill the gaps

To give your new walls a smooth finish, fill the gaps between boards using joint tape or Gyproc FibaTape Mold-X with a jointing compound like Gyproc Easi-Filler. Also apply a band of compound over the fold for additional strength.

For the best finish, use a jointing knife to spread an even layer of the compound along joints, and feather the edges out into the surrounding plasterboard.

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