Artex - Gyproc Habito Fixing Objects

Fixing heavy items to plasterboard - Plasterboard fixings guide

Fix 15kg with just one screw

From home cinema systems to kitchen cabinets, most of us rely on our walls to support large amounts of weight. But standard plasterboard can make it difficult to get the most out of modern living spaces, with a lengthy preparation process for hanging everyday objects.

Fortunately, Gyproc Habito® plasterboard is designed to solve this problem, letting you hang 15kg of weight using a single woodscrew. As it’s five times stronger than traditional plasterboard, you can rely on it to support anything from heavy mirrors to hefty bookshelves.

Let’s take a look at how Gyproc Habito®; stacks up against standard plasterboard when it comes to fixing heavy objects. Read on for our full, step-by-step plasterboard fixings guide.

1. Using the right tools for the job

With traditional plasterboard, your shopping list will include a drill, a stud detector, and specialist fixings or plugs and screws.

Gyproc Habito®, on the other hand, needs only a No. 10 woodscrew and a screwdriver. Ideally, the screw should be single thread with a threadless shank. Most importantly, though, it must reach right through the board and out the other side.

2. Hitting the spot

Most of us have experienced the hassle of finding studs behind standard plasterboard. While you can try tapping the wall and listening for a solid surface, a stud detector makes it less likely you’ll drill into wires or pipes.

With Gyproc Habito®, your fixing location depends on where you want an object, not where you can find a stud. This is especially important for things like TVs and kitchen cabinets, where objects need to be placed in a particular spot. Once you’ve checked for wires and pipes, you’re good to go.

3. Getting your fix

Fixing to standard plasterboard can take even longer than locating a stud. If using a plug, you’ll need to drill a hole, insert the plug fully into the wall, then hammer it in to achieve a tight fit before inserting the screw.

Gyproc Habito® speeds up this process, letting you get screwing right away. Using a screwdriver, insert the screw into the plasterboard until you feel the resistance lessen and then increase again. This means you’ve achieved a secure fit, although take care not to overtighten.

Remember that Gyproc Habito® can hold 15kg per woodscrew, which means that even the heaviest items can be fixed as long as you use the right number of screws. For example, a 60” flat screen TV weighing 45kg would need just three screws.

While some might enjoy their new TV all the more after hours spent fixing it, we prefer to keep it quick and simple.