Mending damaged floors

Concrete floor repair, concrete crack repair | How to repair a damaged floor

Here’s an easy repair guide for solid floors

Artex Easifix Floor Repair Kit for concrete floor repair.

You’ll have all you need to repair damaged and uneven solid floors. Watch the video or follow the guide below.

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose material, dust or debris from the floor and using a sponge dampen the area with clean water.


To prevent irritation to the skin, the use of the supplied gloves is recommended. Ensure the mixing bucket is clean and free from set pieces of floor compound. Gradually add 5kg of floor levelling compound to 1 litre of clean water. Mix for 2 minutes until a smooth flowing mix is achieved.


The floor compound is suitable to cover a depth of 2 – 30mm. Once the preparation has been completed simply pour the floor compound onto the floor.


It is a self-levelling product, it does not require any further work. Clean tools and bucket using warm soapy water immediately after use.

Concrete repair drying time

Allow at least 2 hours to cure.


This kit is sufficient to repair 1m² when applied 3mm deep.


Store off the floor in a clean and dry environment as absorption of moisture can affect the performance of the product. If stored correctly, the shelf life is 12 months.