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The Blue Hawk Cement, Mortar mix and Multi-purpose Concrete Range


Searching for cement, concrete and mortar in convenient bag and bucket sizes? Blue Hawk offers solutions ideal for outdoor and indoor DIY jobs, with 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg sizes across its range.

The Blue Hawk range features Blue Hawk Mortar Mix, Blue Hawk Multi-Purpose Concrete and Blue Hawk Quick Set Cement.

Blue Hawk Mortar Mix


A perfect solution for bricklaying or patching masonry. It’s an ideal solution for quick-fix repair jobs; removing the need to make up large quantities. Once set, it has a hard and weatherproof finish, making it suitable for both indoor or outdoor use and great for pointing, laying paths or bedding slabs.

This mortar mix comes in two parts – it features a bag of cement and the right amount of sand to combine with it. Add water and use it all at once or, for smaller tasks, just prepare the quantity you require.