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Painting Over Artex

Simple and unique ways to tackle textured Artex paint jobs

A textured Artex paint job might take more consideration than painting a smooth surface, but it doesn’t have to be boring. 

Painting over Artex

When painting over Artex, use your textured Artex surface to inspire your décor for a really unique room. If you’ve recently applied your textured pattern or you wish to paint an existing textured area that hasn’t been painted previously:

  • Ensure the Textured area is completely dry before decorating
  • Make sure the texture is well bound and not soft or friable (if it is you will have to carefully treat with a stabilising solution first)
  • Apply an Artex Sealer or follow the paint manufacturers guidance for painting porous surfaces

If you’re wanting to re-paint an existing painted textured surface:

  • It’s especially important to get rid of any dirt, dust, grease or nicotine stains first using an appropriate cleaning product before you start (remember to leave it to dry after treatment)
  • Ensure that the surface is sound and non-friable
  • Simply apply the new paint using either a brush, roller or spray machine.

Textured surfaces should be painted using a good quality emulsion.

For areas especially prone to moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms, you should consider using an appropriate kitchen and bathroom paint.


Textured Artex Paint Ideas

For a room that stands out, why not let your pattern inspire your paint?

  • Give Fan or Shell patterns a little elegance with a metallic or iridescent paint colour
  • Turn an abstract Knifed texture into a geometric, block colour masterpiece
  • Experiment with a gradient ombre effect on Stipple textures

Take your Artex Paint Job Further

For really unique textured Artex paint effects, consider alternative painting tools. For example, dabbing with a sponge rather than a brush makes it easier to blend colours. You can also try out textured or patterned rollers and brushes to complement your texture surface.

Find out how you can achieve popular Artex ceiling patterns with our step by step guide. Or if your surface is in need of a fresh start, see our tips on smoothing over Artex.