Artex - High Traffic Areas Article

3 wall treatments for high traffic areas

Walls in high traffic areas are prone to the worst damage, whether it’s from furniture removals or everyday activities.

They’re also more likely to get dirty, and often provide a canvas for little ones with sticky hands.

Because of this, walls in areas like hallways and staircases must be able to resist everything that’s thrown at them (sometimes literally!). Here are three wall treatments you can use to keep high traffic areas in tip top condition for years to come.

1. Tough wall coverings

No matter how careful homeowners are, walls in high traffic areas collect chips and scratches over time. The easiest way to combat this when decorating is to choose a textured fibreglass wall covering like Novelio. As well as protecting walls from impact, it masks existing damage, cracks and irregularities.

Fibreglass wall coverings also address the marks that inevitably appear on walls in busy areas, especially when there are small children in the house. Novelio offers a choice of natural colours and patterns that disguise dirt and scuffs far better than walls painted in a light colour. And if your client has a different colour scheme in mind, you can simply paint over it.

What’s more, because Novelio wall coverings are water resistant, a quick wipe with a sponge removes unwelcome marks and doesn’t weaken the material.

2. Impact resistant plasterboard

If you’re after a long term solution for your next project, a strong and durable plasterboard is the best choice for areas that are most susceptible to damage.

Gyproc Habito plasterboard can resist everyday bumps and scrapes, including doors that are repeatedly slammed into walls. Its engineered core makes it much sturdier than regular plasterboard, resulting in walls that stay pristine.

On top of this, one 5mm (no. 10) woodscrew screwed into Gyproc Habito is capable of supporting 15kg without specialist fixings or pattressing. This makes it super easy to fix heavy items like shelving and mirrors without worrying about causing damage.

3. Reinforced corners

Are you often faced with chipped corners? As they stand out further than other surfaces, external corners are most vulnerable to damage. This means it’s extra important to protect them from impact.

Gyproc AquaBead is an angle bead featuring water-activated adhesive. Not only does it make achieving neat corners fast and easy, but it creates corners that are 38% stronger. It can be applied using just water, taking screws, staples, and other compounds and adhesives out of the equation.

By combining these wall treatments for high traffic areas, you can achieve walls that dodge damage and stay looking immaculate. This contributes to a low maintenance home that saves time and money.

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