ThistlePro UniFinish

ThistlePro UniFinish

ThistlePro UniFinish frees you from the inconvenience of pre-treatment. It has excellent workability on high and low suction backgrounds (although high suction backgrounds may need further thin coats after the initial coat).

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Key Facts
  • Suitable for application by hand
  • Conforms to EN 13279-1
  • Available in 25kg bags

Order CodeNominal bag weight (kg)Approx coverage (m²)Approx setting time (hours)Shelf life (months)


Coverage is based on 2mm thickness, however if the surface is very uneven consider dubbing with an undercoat.

Can I plaster straight onto a painted wall?

Plastering on existing painted walls is possible if the paint is in very good condition.

What backgrounds are in scope for ThistlePro UniFinish?

ThistlePro UniFinish can be used on most commonly encountered backgrounds in re-skimming jobs.

Can ThistlePro UniFinish be used with ThistleBond-it and Thistle GypPrime?

Yes, ThistlePro UniFinish is compatible with these products.

Can I plaster an Artex ceiling?

You could consider the use of Artex Easifix Smooth-It or overboard with suitably installed Gyproc plasterboard ceiling system (such as counter battening with timber or by using GypLyner UNIVERSAL). Alternatively you could consider ThistlePro UniFinish subject to conditions of background. Please refer to WHITE BOOK Chapter 07 Section 02 Page 07 for more details.

Can you skim an MR grade board?

Yes, however the board usually needs to be primed with ThistleBond-It.

What is the minimum temperature that Thistle plaster can be used at?

We recommend 2°C (5°C for ThistlePro DuraFinish and Thistle DriCoat) as the minimum working temperature in which plaster should be applied. It is important that the temperature does not drop below 0°C during application or in the setting and drying phase.

What thicknesses are plasters applied?

Undercoat plasters are usually 11mm and most finish coat plasters are 2mm thick.

How many ThistlePro UniFinish bags are there on a pallet?


How many trials have you done with ThistlePro UniFinish and on what backgrounds?

All trial details are on our website - see trial videos here

How will ThistlePro UniFinish be delivered?

28 x 25kg bags on shrink wrapped pallet

What are the product benefits of ThistlePro UniFinish?
  • ThistlePro UniFinish frees you from the inconvenience of pre-treatment
  • Excellent workability on high* and low suction backgrounds
  • Easy to mix and easy to use
  • Saves time during the day to get home quicker
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of backgrounds in various conditions

* High suction backgrounds may need further thin coats after the initial coat

What is the article number for ThistlePro UniFinish?


What is the lead time for ThistlePro UniFinish?

1 day

What is the shelf life of ThistlePro UniFinish?

4 months

Will the number of ThistlePro UniFinish bags on a pallet change?

There are no current plans to change this; we will however provide notice of any changes.