Thistle SkimFinish

Thistle SkimFinish overview

Our Thistle SkimFinish skimming plaster is ready-mixed, easy to use and ideal for returning walls to a smooth finish, ready for decoration.

With our super easy to apply Thistle SkimFinish, you can get a super smooth finish with your plaster skim.

Designed for skimming in one-millimetre coats, our skimming plaster is easy to sand to a smooth finish. Saving time on the job and taking the stress away from you, Thistle SkimFinish skimming plaster comes ready mixed, straight from the tub. Simply make sure to scrape, sand and clean your wall, stir the plaster thoroughly and you’re good to go.

Now it’s easier than ever to become a super hero.

How to apply Thistle SkimFinish

Where to buy Thistle SkimFinish

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