Standard Wall & Ceiling Panel

A general purpose, non-fire rated, beaded frame access panel for application in both walls and ceilings, making access to hidden services quick and easy.

This panel is widely specified in Gypframe metal systems as well as being suitable for blockwork construction. Could serve as a base for any bespoke access panel that is required.

WallCeilingNon-fire rated panelsBeaded frameBudget lock

Key Facts
  • Placement: Ceiling / Wall
  • Frame: Beaded
  • Lock: Budget
  • Fire Rating: None
  • Door: Metal
Product codeSize (mm)Weight (kg)
5200115000300 x 3003
5200115002450 x 4505
5200115003550 x 550 6
5200600860600 x 600 6
5200115004900 x 5509
52001150051200 x 550 13