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Thistle Bonding 60

Cut repair time for damaged walls with a patching plaster that sets in just 60 minutes.
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Thistle Bonding 60 lets you patch and repair walls quickly, with no cracking or shrinkage. It is ideal for quickly patching and repairing existing walls, with reduced risk of cracking and shrinkage. The plaster has a 45-minute working time, and a 60-minute set, and is ready to skim in just 75 minutes. This makes it ideal when you need to carry out everyday repairs quickly and easily, or when making walls good after jobs such as electrical and plumbing work.


Thistle Bonding 60 is available in 25kg and 12.5kg bags. There is also a 10kg re-sealable tub option for less waste and easy storage, making it the ideal patching product for smaller repair areas such as electrical and pipework chases.


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Key facts

  • Quick setting undercoat plaster designed for patching and general repair
  • Based on Thistle BondingCoat with a 60-minute set time
  • 1.1m² coverage per 10kg tub, 1.38m² coverage per 12.5kg bag and 2.75m² per 25kg bag at 11mm thickness
  • Conforms to EN 13279-1

Technical Information

Articles information
Name SKU Weight (kg)
NameThistle Bonding 60 SKU5200029720 Weight (kg)10
NameThistle Bonding 60 SKU5200029719 Weight (kg)12.5
NameThistle Bonding 60 SKU5200029718 Weight (kg)25