Novelio Nature - Grace - Almond

Novelio Nature wallcoverings

Get back to nature with the Novelio Nature range. This eco-friendly wallcovering offers impressive impact resistance, making it perfect for high traffic areas in public, commercial and residential spaces.

As well as protecting walls, Novelio covers existing damage, from cracks in new plaster to irregularities in older walls.

Available in 4 natural patterns and 6 colours, there’s a Novelio Nature style to suit any space. Unlike other wallcoverings, you can expect Novelio Nature to resist damage and colour fade for at least 10 years. The wallcoverings are also easily re-paintable and can be stripped without water, making décor changes a doddle.

Novelio Nature is easy to apply. It’s also washable and water resistant, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and settings where walls can get dirty.

Made of natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, these wallcoverings boast the lowest level of volatile substance emissions.

The Novelio Nature range comes in 0.49 x 10.5m rolls.

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Key Facts
  • Reinforces delicate surfaces
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Covers small cracks
  • Fire Resistant
  • Decorative product, ready to use product – no painting required
  • Re-paintable and strippable
  • Long Service Life +10 years - as abrasion resistant and colours do not fade
  • Naturally Permeable – ideal for wet areas
  • Class A+ refers to lowest emissions of volatile substances
  • Eco-friendly- made from Natural material
Order CodeRange
5200836523Grace (Almond)
5200836524Grace (Baltic Blue)
5200836525Grace (Rice)
5200836526Grace (Nutmeg)
5200836527Grace (Sandbank)
5200836528Grace (Grape)
5200836529Flair (Almond)
5200836530Flair (Baltic Blue)
5200836531Flair (Rice)
5200836532Flair (Nutmeg)
5200836533Flair (Sandbank)
5200836534Flair (Grape)
5200836535Pure (Almond)
5200836536Pure (Baltic Blue)
5200836537Pure (Rice)
5200836538Pure (Nutmeg)
5200836539Pure (Sandbank)
5200836540Pure (Grape)
5200836541Charm (Almond)
5200836542Charm (Baltic Blue)
5200836543Charm (Rice)
5200836544Charm (Nutmeg)
5200836545Charm (Sandbank)
5200836546Charm (Grape)


The size of all rolls is 0.49m x 10.05m
The weight of all rolls is 180g/m²

Are there any specialist tools required to apply Novelio Nature?

Novelio Nature application is quick and easy. No specialist tools or techniques necessary to cut or apply Novelio Nature.

Is there a specialist adhesive required to apply Novelio Nature?

Novelio Nature can be applied using any vinyl adhesive.

How do you apply Novelio Nature?
  1. Ensure surface is clean, smooth and dry
  2. Cut the Novelio nature 5 or 10 cm longer than the wall height.
  3. Evenly apply vinyl glue to the wall
  4. Apply the strip to the wall in the vertical direction using a plumbline and smooth it with a clean soft roller
  5. Apply another strip to the edge of the previous one and check proper alignment
  6. Repeat previous steps to cover desired area
  7. Trim excessive material with a knife
Is Novelio Nature fire resistant?

The Novelio Nature range is inherently fire resistant to EN 13501 standards.