Novelio Classic wallcoverings

Novelio Classic protective wallcoverings

Keep wall and ceiling damage under wraps with Novelio Classic protective wallcoverings.

Novelio easily covers cracks and irregularities in old walls. It’s also ideal for new developments, reinforcing delicate surfaces and preventing cracks from appearing in plaster.

Even walls in tip-top condition can benefit from Novelio Classic, with high mechanical resistance protecting busy areas from impact and abrasion.

Novelio Classic wallcoverings are fast to install, with minimal wall preparation required. They are also textured and re-paintable, making them the perfect blank canvas for personalised decoration.

Whether it’s for a hospital ward or a children’s bedroom, Novelio wallcoverings are a wise choice for protecting walls in any space.

The Novelio Classic range comes in 1 x 50m rolls and is available in four distinct patterns.

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Key Facts
  • Reinforces delicate surfaces
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Covers small cracks
  • Fire Resistant
  • Pre-painted wall coverings - save one layer of paint during application
  • Re-paintable and strippable
  • Long Service Life +10 years 
Order CodeRangeSize
5200836506Decoveil130 g/m²
5200836508Braid200 g/m²
5200836507Ceiling155 g/m²
5200836522Weaving160 g/m²


The size of all rolls is 50m x 1m

Are there any specialist tools required to apply Novelio Classic?

Novelio Classic application is quick and easy. No specialist tools or techniques necessary to cut or apply Novelio Classic.

Is there a specialist adhesive required to apply Novelio Classic?

Novelio Classic can be applied using any vinyl adhesive.

How do you apply Novelio Classic?
  1. Ensure surface is smooth and dry
  2. Prime with undercoat
  3. Evenly apply vinyl glue to the wall
  4. Measure and cut the wallcovering accordingly
  5. Apply wallcovering and smoothen it with a clean soft roller
  6. Apply two coats of acrylic paint once the glue has dried
Is Novelio Classic fire resistant?

The Novelio Classic range is inherently fire resistant to EN 13501 standards.