Metal Framing & Partitioning

When constructing internal, non-load bearing walls; high quality metal stud frames that offer the right level strength and stability are key.

Often, adding a partition wall is a great way to divide up a large living room, or create individual rooms such as meeting rooms in an office or commercial setting.

Our product selection includes everything from studs that are both strong and lightweight such as the Gypframe 48 S 50 'C' Studs, available in a range of sizes, to timber connectors and brackets designed to aid the installation of plasterboard on masonry walls, concrete soffits and timber joists.

Moreover, we supply an excellent range of metal framing tools to help you construct your metal stud frames such as the Gyproc Heavy Duty Crimping Tool.

When you have found all the metal stud framing products you need, look at our where to buy page to find your nearest stockist.

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