Artex - EasiFillerLight 2.5L

Gyproc EasiFiller Light

Gyproc EasiFiller Light is a super lightweight wall and ceiling filler. It’s ideal for deep holes and fine cracks as it doesn’t slump or shrink.

Why use Gyproc EasiFiller Light?

Our lightweight wall filler is:

  • Quick and easy to use – apply it straight from the tub!
  • Ultra-lightweight, meaning it doesn’t slump or shrink
  • • Ideal for most indoor surfaces, including plaster, plasterboard, and wood
  • Super adhesive, and sticks to painted surfaces
  • • Ready to paint over in no time - no sanding required

How to use our lightweight wall filler

Ready to get filling? Gyproc EasiFiller Light is ready to use straight away! Simply apply the filler in layers of up to 25mm using a filling knife. Apply as many layers as you need.

If you need a multi-purpose filler for general repairs, take a look at our Gyproc EasiFiller. If you need to make surface repairs across a large area, take a look at our EasiFiller Finish.

Key Facts
  • Apply in 25mm layers
  • Dries white
  • Available in 1L and 2.5L tubs
Order CodeProduct Name
5200854874Gyproc Ready Mixed Easifiller Light 1L
5200854875Gyproc Ready Mixed Easifiller Light 2.5L