Gypframe Floor & Ceiling Channel

Folded Edge Standard Floor & Ceiling Channels

These products are used for securing wall studs at floor and ceiling junctions. Although Standard Folded Edge (FEC) channels are the most commonly used, Deep Flange (DC) and Extra Deep Flange (EDC) versions are available for partitions between 4200mm high and 8000mm high respectively, or in situations where deflection head details, improved impact resistance and easier skirting fixing is required. Conforms to EN 14195.

BES 6001

Order CodeRangeLength (mm)
5200534085Standard Floor & Ceiling Channels 50 FEC 503600
How do you build a fire-rated partition where access is limited to one side only?

Our ShaftWall system is designed for this application.

What head and base tracks should I use?

Within our GypWall partitions, heights below 4200mm the appropriate width of standard folded edge (FEC) Gypframe Floor and Ceiling Channel can be used. For heights between 4200mm and 8000mm, the Gypframe Deep Flange (DC) Floor & Ceiling Channel should be used and for heights above 8000mm the Gypframe Extra Deep Flange (EDC) Floor & Ceiling Channel should be used. Additional considerations need to be given if there is a deflection head requirement.