Conditions Of Sale


Prices are based on mainland deliveries within England, Wales and Scotland. All prices quoted are current prices at the time of delivery and are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change in the event of a general or specific revision. Our Price Catalogue is not to be deemed an offer, the acceptance of which creates a contract binding on the Company.



In the unlikely event that you are not wholly satisfied with our products due to damage on delivery, incorrect quantity or wrong product supplied, please ensure that you complete and sign the delivery discrepancy form available from the haulier at the time of delivery.

On completion of the form, please contact Customer Services on 0800 032 6345 within 48 hours of a claim and forward a copy of the form by fax to 0800 917 7632 or by post to Artex Customer Service Centre, East Leake, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 6HX.

Please ensure the delivery discrepancy form is completed in full and forwarded to Artex Customer Services within seven days of the delivery having been made by Artex, as this form will be used for reference to support any claims.

  • All full or part pallets of a single product, and all cove deliveries must be checked upon receipt and any quantity / incorrect products or damage noted on the delivery discrepancy form (ensuring it is completed by both the customer and the driver), followed by a telephone call to the Artex Customer Service Centre within 48 hours of the delivery having been made by Artex.
  • Pallets of mixed products must be checked within 48 hours of the delivery having been made by Artex and any quantity / incorrect product or damage claims notified by a telephone call to the Artex Customer Service Centre within 48 hours.
  • Where a product has quality defects or it is not fit for purpose, please notify the Artex Customer Service team within seven days of the delivery (or where the defect has not been apparent on reasonable inspection within seven days of discovering it).
  • For documentation queries (e.g. incorrect price), please notify the Artex Customer Service team within thirty days of the documentation date to ensure that your claim is investigated.


Customer Returns Policy

Goods may be returned, subject to agreement with Artex, only if:

  • Goods have been damaged prior to or on delivery.
  • There is a quality issue with the products that needs investigating.
  • Artex has supplied the incorrect products. Please note that the only exception to this is where a customer has ordered a product in error.
  • Returns will only be credited if the products are of saleable quality on return to works.
  • Where an order has been placed incorrectly by the customer and the consignment is either returned at the point of delivery or requires collection, a standard restocking charge of £75 will be applied.

If you request a collection with the Artex Customer Service team, the collection will take place within two weeks of the request.