Gypframe overview

Gypframe metal profiles are manufactured using the patented UltraSTEEL® process, giving the components greater strength, making fixing easier and improving screw retention and pull-out by up to 20%.

The range includes Gypframe 'C' Studs, which provide easy routing of services, as well as the Gypframe ‘I’ Studs, which are the strongest available in the Gypframe range. They are easy to cut on site, non-flammable, won’t rot, twist or warp and are up to 50% lighter than equivalent timber framing, making them easier to transport. 

Gypframe Metal Partitions

Gypframe metal partitions are used for building non load-bearing internal partition walls. Some of the key features of these metal partitions include:

  • Being up to 50 times lighter than timber
  • Being 45 times quicker to install than timber
  • Folded edge channels are easier and safer to handle
  • Pre-cut service holes leave space for wires and services

GypLyner Wall Lining

Metal framed wall lining system

  • Corrects uneven masonry backgrounds
  • Ideal for surfaces that are not suitable for plastering
  • Provides a space for insulation and services

Gypframe and GypLyner Metals Benefits

  • Light and flexible but rigid when installed
  • Quick to cut with tin snips, reuse offcuts
  • Store outside and install in any weather
  • Won’t twist or warp

Your guide to Gypframe

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