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Introducing our NEW Floor Standing Display Units

Our new 'Gyproc has it covered' POS units are now available.

Say hello to our new floor standing display units that are fantastic for showcasing our Gyproc products in your store. This flexible unit is perfect for decorator centres, retail, and trade merchants to help place our best-selling Gyproc products in a prime location for your customers. Great for stores with a smaller footprint that are looking for a flexible way to display products and increase their products in the Gyproc range.


Why choose our floor standing display units?

Our floor standing display units help place our best-selling Gyproc products in a prime location for your customers to see. When you order the floor standing display unit, you can have the unit and all of the products delivered at the same time, so the unit is ready to be quickly built and loaded with stock as soon as it lands in your store. The unit comes flat packed with easy assembly instructions to get you up and running on the same day as the delivery.


If there are gaps in your display unit, you can replenish your stock in low MOQs (minimum order quantities) by using our Gyproc Express service that delivers stock within 48-72 hours meaning you will only need to make small orders at a time to keep your new display unit looking stocked up.


If you’re not sure which Gyproc products you would like to display, then this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with more of our range in your stores as you can mix and match products from across the Gyproc range. When you replenish your unit, you can order eligible products in as little as single unit quantities on an express order. If you are unsure of how to layout your display unit, our sales team is on hand to help with any support you may need.


How will it benefit your business?

Here at Artex, we strive to create a workplace environment that is safe, comfortable, and conducive to productivity. The accomplishments of our employees are recognized and rewarded, and we are committed to their professional development. It's great to see our own people remain with us for so many years.


  • Flexible way to display product.
  • Place your best selling Gyproc products in a prime location for your customers.
  • Can replenish stock as and when you need.
  • Experiment with different Gyproc products in low quantities.
  • Small footprint (W: 650mm, D: 518mm, H: 1500mm).
  • Easy to build so it can be on your shop floor on the same day as delivery.
  • Supportive Artex sales team.

What products can I use with this unit?

Here’s an example of some of our Gyproc products that are perfect for this unit.


Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme

The Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme is a superior self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tape. The extra strong adhesive means it can perform in extreme temperatures (5-35°C) and the open fabric mesh design prevents blisters and bubbles during application. The self-adhesive backing enables faster jointing than traditional paper tapes.


Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches

Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches are ideal for covering holes up to 100mm². A strong aluminium plate provides permanent repairs with no rusting for small holes or other damage to the plasterboard and plastered walls. With a self-adhesive mesh backing, they are quick and easy to apply without specialist tools.


Gyproc EasiFiller Light

Scooping the Professional Builder’s magazine Top Product 2020 is a testament to how popular this solution has become for tradespeople. EasiFiller Light is an ultra-lightweight ready mixed filler for deep holes and cracks. It contains tiny air bubbles that help to reduce shrinkage and resist slumping after it's been applied. Easy to apply with no sanding needed


Gyproc EasiFill 5x1kg

Gyproc EasiFill 5x1kg is a convenient multi-purpose filler that’s ideal for painters, decorators, and general builders. Its multi-purpose powder filler is for patching and repair and perfect for snagging and filling holes and cracks prior to decoration.

EasiFill Range

Gyproc EasiFill 60, EasiFill 45, EasiFill 20

From quick patch-up jobs to full-room projects, Gyproc EasiFill can help you achieve a smooth finish in a range of timeframes. The Gyproc EasiFill range features Gyproc EasiFill 60, Gyproc EasiFill 45 and Gyproc EasiFill 20. The full range adheres to paint effectively, with a choice of working times, which allows for larger areas and multiple rooms to be worked on.

Hear from our happy customers

We heard from one of our customers to see what they thought about their newly delivered floor display unit.

1. Tell us a little bit about your branch and the customers you serve

This branch has a mix of trades coming through the doors alongside a varied company size. We have very limited space in the shop and need to consider a very carefully relevant stock to our customers but also a range that suits all.


2. How has the unit impacted sales of Gyproc products in your branch?

The unit has had a lot of attention and after a short time being displayed has created our next order to stock up. We have found the unit a great size to fit into our smaller shop but still display a great range of products. The unit is also very sturdy and should last for some time.


3. How has the unit impacted your ability to sell a wider range of Gyproc products in the branch?

We have been able to add additional products into the branch as we did not have the shelf space and the stand has created that flexibility.


4. How useful are the flexible delivery options from Artex in being able to restock your pallet as and when you need it?

Very useful! I don't always want to be out of stock of some items whilst waiting to create an order big enough to send, I can always have stock available for my customers.


5. Would you recommend one of these units to other Gyproc customers?

Absolutely, it's a great size, it’s smart and can be fitted in easily, great quality compared to a lot of FSDUs I have had in the past.


As well as the floor standing display units we also offer our Gyproc has it covered display pallets which are a larger unit allowing you to showcase more stock to your customers in-store. Find out more by contacting your sales rep.


If you’re interested in our floor standing display units get in touch with artexram@saint-gobain.com to request a unit. Lead time: 3-4 weeks.