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Artex embrace equity on International Women's Day 2023

Impactful changes don’t happen overnight, but this year’s International Women’s Day is once again addressing the road to gender parity.On 8 March, the global awareness day will shine a light on the achievements that women have made in the cultural, political, and socioeconomic spheres. This year’s theme #EmbraceEquity aims to recognise that each person has different circumstances, and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

Jason Smith, Managing Director, Artex, explained: “Embracing equity provides a fair platform for everyone to succeed. It gives us a clear route into being an inclusive business with a diverse group of people that work together.“This year at Artex we are focused on providing a workplace that allows for our colleagues’ diverse needs. We’re working hard to ensure all our job adverts use gender-neutral language to give us the best chance of capturing the interest of everyone. “In addition, we have developed training programmes to ensure we all have a shared knowledge of what it means to be inclusive and the benefits that bring.” Jason admits there is plenty more to learn, acknowledge and do to continue the conversation. He added: “We are not the complete article and by no means perfect, but we do listen to all colleagues and endeavour to meet the needs of all groups.”


IWD2023 Jason

Artex colleagues like Lucy Billing, Digital Marketing Assistant, who joined the business in November 2021, is fully ready to embrace equity. She said: “For me, equity means ensuring everyone has the same opportunities and the ability to learn and develop, regardless of how long they have worked for an organisation. “I’ve been lucky enough to complete an apprenticeship and acquire an additional qualification. As soon as I started working for Artex, they opened that door for me and gave me every opportunity to succeed in my career.”

IWD2023 Lucy

Jason ended: “The fact that my colleagues across the Artex business share the will to demonstrate fairness and equity means a great deal to me. “I’ve been fortunate enough to see women assume more roles and positions of management across the business in recent years and I’m sure that the training and support we will continue to provide will ensure this continues to evolve.”

IWD2023 Equity

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