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We are Artex

Once a trend-setting household name, now revolutionising our brand in the digital age, we share a glimpse of Artex’s past, present, and future ambitions.

You may know that the ground-breaking female aviator, Amelia Earhart, became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean in January 1935. Big moment, right?

That same year, Artex was the first to introduce its new textured finishes to the market – the swirly, patterned ceilings synonymous with our brand. The Artex name was born from the combination of two words - artistic and texture, reflecting the creative nature of the product. Another gargantuan moment in history if we do say so ourselves!

History in the making

Our stippled ceilings were a must-have in the 1970s and became a household name in the early 1980s. During this period of growth, Artex were keen to expand, merging with Blue Hawk in 1997. Established in 1972, Blue Hawk became known for its range of DIY and repair products. Our merger with Blue Hawk would create a company that could better serve the building and home improvement sectors.

While British rock band Oasis emerged on the music scene in the 1990s, becoming the voice of a generation, Artex was also busy breaking the mould by building the largest plant in the UK for producing decorative plaster mouldings.

Fast forward to 2005 and Saint-Gobain’s acquisition of Artex and the BPB group, including British Gypsum, ushered in a new era. Joining Saint-Gobain marked a critical point in our history as they supported us to grow the business and supply leading construction product brands.


More than just a distributor

Historically we have been supplying customers from small, medium to large companies with building materials. Today, we operate as an essential supply chain partner to merchants, decorator centres, and DIY stores across the UK, delivering a range of over 500 trade and DIY products. But we’d be modest if we just called ourselves a distributor. We tailor our offering to match the needs of independent merchants, national retailers, and online stockists supplying several Saint-Gobain construction products brands such as Gyproc, Thistle, and Weber.


We are extremely proud of our flexible delivery model in which customers can order from as little as a single pallet, whether that’s a full pallet of a single product, or a mixed pallet of products from across the range. Our main service innovation has to be our Gyproc Express service where customers can also order a single parcel of product for small and speedy orders.


We know our customers serve tradespeople such as painters and decorators, plumbers and electricians who need to repair walls and ceilings before or after their main activity. And surely, it’s more convenient for them if they can pick up their fillers, scrim tapes and patches from you at the same time. That’s where Gyproc Express comes in. Gyproc Express is a 48-hour delivery service from Artex giving you quick and easy access to the Gyproc jointing and filling range. It’s a great way to order small quantities quickly and often, keeping your shelves stocked up and your customers happy. 

Our Service - Delivery Options

What sets us apart from our competitors is our care, diligence, customer service and technical knowledge behind our ranges. We even have a range of POS available from shelf wobblers to tape dispensers and floor standing display units and can support our customers with marketing materials. We’re always on hand to help our customers learn more about our products.


Did you know that Artex also manage Gyproc Tools, an online shop with the latest TapeTech and Flex automatic taping and finishing tools?

Genuine customer care

At Artex we measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and focus on using that data to improve our customer experiences. We recently conducted our Customer Satisfaction survey and with over 60% of customers responding to the survey we achieved an amazing NPS score of 63.


“It’s an accumulation of many things and it’s the Artex team that really put the work in to make it all happen,” shares Managing Director, Jason Smith.

“Conducting the satisfaction survey enables us to measure our impact for both recognition of success but also identifying improvement areas. Our customers are having a net positive experience and would advocate for others to become Artex customers. It’s a great opportunity to hear that our customers are happy.”

Hearing what our customers have to say is paramount to the evolution of Artex and our Customer Service Team is ready to help with any feedback.

Power of people

Our 70-strong team based in Ruddington in Nottinghamshire is small but truly mighty.

Our continued investment in apprenticeship schemes and industry training is attracting and retaining a diverse mix of people, who spark innovative ideas to grow our business. The passion for learning is never-ending.

Kathryn Bell, Business Manager, and seasoned professional, has assumed several roles at Saint-Gobain, British Gypsum and Artex. Her current position involves leading the National Accounts team to develop relationships with and provide excellent service to our customers. Enthusiastic about team development, she says: “Coaching is so important to help my team flourish.”

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Rob Stewart, Commercial Director, echoes Kathryn’s thoughts. He says: “I proactively encourage the continuous professional development of my team and all colleagues throughout the Artex business, I know this starts with and includes me.

“Having developed my career through sales and business development roles into management and leadership, I understand first-hand that learning and development in the workplace never stops.”

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Lucy Billing, Digital Marketing Assistant, joined Artex with the desire to receive industry training to progress in her career and is delighted with the outcome. “I’ve been lucky enough to complete an apprenticeship and acquire an additional qualification, she says. “As soon as I started working for Artex, they opened that door for me and gave me every opportunity to succeed in my career.”

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Wave of the future

Without saying too much, the next 12 months is going to be an exciting time for our business! We have recently announced internally some exciting developments that we will be sharing with you at the right time. We have a robust plan in place to see us through the next few years, driven by our new leadership team, and our teams and colleagues are excited to play a part in making it a success.


We’ll continue to evolve, listen, and engage directly with our customers to identify where we offer value and where we can help more. We are Artex!

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