Meet the new EasiFiller family

Looking for a simple range of ready mix fillers? You’re in luck! We’ve just launched a concise range of fillers that can tackle any wall repair job, big or small.

With our new fillers, there’s no job too ugly. Use them on almost any indoor surface, from plaster to concrete; you can even use them over paint.

What’s more, you can apply our new EasiFiller products straight from the tub, helping you get the job done in no time!

Our new range

It's time to meet the EasiFiller gang...

Artex - Gyproc EasiFiller

Gyproc EasiFiller: for general repairs

Gyproc EasiFiller is a multi-purpose filler that’s perfect for general repairs to plaster and plasterboard.

Whether you need to fill holes or cover small cracks, this versatile filler is sure to fit the bill. Best of all, it’ll give you a silky smooth finish wherever you use it.

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Artex - Gyproc EasiFiller Light

Gyproc EasiFiller Light: for a deep fill

This ultra lightweight filler is ideal for deep holes and fine cracks as it won’t slump. It’s also extra adhesive, meaning it will stay put in those deep holes and chases.

With Gyproc EasiFiller Light, you’ll be done and dusted in no time. It doesn’t need to be sanded down, and you can paint over it almost straight away.

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Artex - Gyproc EasiFiller Finish

Gyproc EasiFiller Finish: for a fine finish

Gyproc EasiFiller Finish is an extra fine surface filler that’s designed to cover large areas. Use it to smooth over hairline cracks and surface damage to walls and ceilings.

Its smooth consistency makes it super easy to spread, while its fine finish means you hardly have to sand it afterwards.

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