How to create a magnetic wall

ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster

Create a magnetic wall

Use ThistlePro Magnetic plaster to create inspiring living spaces around your home.

ThistlePro Magnetic is a unique new product designed to transform any wall in to a surface which attracts magnets. Use it around the home or office and create a flexible gallery - change pictures, decorations, calendars or children’s drawings around as often as you like, no holes no mess.

  • Use a kitchen wall to display family timetables, calendars, reminders or take away menus
  • Children can put up their favourite posters, play games or display artwork in their bedrooms
  • Plan thoughts, create mood boards, display calendars and notes in your office or study
  • Showcase pictures, photographs or art in the living room and then change them around the next day

Designed for creativity


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Frequently asked questions

Q: Will Magnetic Plaster affect my TV, pace maker or any electrical products in my house?
A: No, there is no static field present which could do this. Magnetic Plaster creates a surface that attracts magnets so doesn’t have any negative health impact.

Q: Will Magnetic Plaster block phone / Wifi signals?
A:; No, it doesn’t have the capabilities to do this.

Q: Can I hang cutlery, or other metallic items, onto Magnetic Plaster?
A: Magnetic Plaster works like a fridge door, it attracts magnets and not metal.

Q: Is Magnetic Plaster suitable for a DIYer to apply?
A: We would recommend that Magnetic Plaster is applied by an experienced plasterer.

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