Ultra-thin Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish for smoother plasterboard joints

Gyproc Fibatape Perfect Finish Application

It’s easier and quicker to get a smooth finish on plasterboard joints with Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish.

You don’t get a plasterboard tape much thinner than ‘ultra-thin’ (the clue’s in the name!) and ‘ultra-thin’ is exactly what you get with Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish.

Using ultra-thin tape for taping plasterboards means less feathering and less sanding to achieve the all-important smooth finish. Does that sound good?

Gyproc FibaTape Perfect Finish is an impressive 30% thinner than standard tape, so it really helps out when you need to conceal square edge and butt edge joints. And it makes a difference when you’re using small areas of board as part of decorating prep or for reinforcing cracks too.

Thinner also means stronger because this fibreglass tape has a 50% tighter mesh, making it very durable. Its open fabric design avoids blisters and bubbles as well.

This ultra-thin drywall joint tape makes it easier to get that perfect finish with your plasterboard joints, and it can even be used on cracks and holes. What are you waiting for! Find out where you can buy it from here.