Make perfect work of plasterboard corners – whatever the angle

Gyproc No-Coat Flex Tape

Strong, flexible, robust joint tape that perfectly fits every angle, every time.

There are corner tapes. And then there's Gyproc No-Coat Flex Tape flexible corner tape - the pro's choice.

Gyproc No-Coat Flex Tape easily achieves a perfectly straight and true corner, whatever the angle, with its memory-free hinge that holds the angle you need. This new corner tape adjusts to any angle, such as a raked angle in a loft conversion, without the need to be pre-creased, so you can be assured of the perfect internal or external corner first time, every time, for super speedy installation.

Gyproc No-Coat Flex Tape is a metal-free tape, but this doesn't mean it lacks in strength. It has a high-strength co-polymer core to give you a corner tape that's really robust and prevents cracks, blows and dents, making it perfect for those high traffic areas, such as hallways and the bottom of the stairs.

It's also flexible enough to withstand the shifting, drying and variation in humidity that can cause corners to separate from the wall, preventing the frustration of having to return to the wall to re-visit those corners.

If you think there'll be any tricky corners you’ll need to tape and joint perfectly on your next job, then try out Gyproc No-Coat Flex Tape, boxed in 30m rolls so also easy and convenient to carry in your van. Find out more here.