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Jointing and Filling with Gyproc 

We explore Gyproc’s jointing and filling solutions to help you create a flawless, smooth finish to your interior walls.

Taking the time to prepare walls and surfaces before painting can transform your interior rooms from ordinary to extraordinary.

Unsightly cracks, holes and uneven damaged walls won’t go unnoticed but thanks to Gyproc’s range of filler, jointing and taping products there are plenty of solutions to bring your vision to life. Hello professional-quality surfaces!

Gyproc EasiFill range

From quick patch-up jobs to full-room projects, Gyproc EasiFill can help you achieve a smooth finish in a range of timeframes. The range features Gyproc EasiFill 60Gyproc EasiFill 45, and Gyproc EasiFill 20, which adheres to paint effectively, with a choice of working times, which allows for larger areas and multiple rooms to be worked on.

Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches can be combined with a rapid setting material like Gyproc EasiFill 20 or Gyproc EasiFill 45, to provide a quick-fix solution to what can be a time consuming and difficult way of repairing damaged plasterboard or plastered surfaces.

These self-adhesive patches offer a quick and easy repair solution for covering holes where electrical sockets or downlights have been removed, damaged plasterboard created by door handles and general everyday damage to interior walls.

Gyproc EasiFiller

Gyproc EasiFiller is a range of ready-mixed products, a convenient alternative to the powder options - ideal for general repairs and multiple types of surface damage.

The range features Gyproc EasiFiller, which is a multi-purpose ready mixed filler for most internal repairs of up to 5mm in depth.

For ultra-lightweight ready-mixed filler for deep holes and cracks the award-winning Gyproc EasiFiller Light is easy to apply with no sanding required.

Last, but by no means least, extra fine surface filler Gyproc EasiFiller Finish is the ideal solution for decorators who are seeking to cover larger areas leaving a smooth finish, with easy application and effortless sanding.

Gyproc Jointing products

The Gyproc jointing range gives you everything you need to complete a wall lining, partition, or ceiling system, whatever the size and complexity of the project. Enjoy durable joint reinforcement and a smooth, crack-resistant surface that’s ready for priming and decoration. Every product in this range has been designed to provide durability and is easy to use. Gyproc jointing materials also seal the lining, which is essential if your project needs to achieve specified levels of fire resistance and sound insulation.

The range features ready-mixed compounds which are easy to use such as Gyproc® Ready Mix Joint Cement. This air-drying ready mixed jointing material is for use over Gyproc® Joint Filler in hand jointing, or for all application stages with mechanical jointing tools - saving time by eliminating the mixing stage. Don’t miss Gyproc Joint Filler - the ideal gypsum-based setting material for bedding tapes and filling plasterboard joints.

Gyproc FibaTape range

Gyproc’s range of self-adhesive fibreglass tapes are ideal for use in plastering, taping and jointing jobs – easy solutions that are ready to stick into place, without the need for an extra filler or compound underneath. Joints must be reinforced and for greatest resistance to cracking this should be carried out using Gyproc® Joint Tape.

Find all Gyproc products and ranges at local decorator centres and builders’ merchants.