Gyproc AquaBead gives a quick fix – just add water!

Gyproc Aquabead Corner

Have five minutes to spare and like the sound of this new, innovative bead for external plasterboard corners? Then our handy Gyproc AquaBead installation video is definitely worth a watch.

Gyproc AquaBead has a tough and durable paper-plastic-paper design that’s lightweight and easy to cut. You just spray with clean water to activate the adhesive, allow 15 to 60 seconds for it to become tacky and then simply stick to the corner. It’s easy, saves you time and the bead gets a superior bond directly to the plasterboard. You can achieve a perfect 90-degree corner, quickly, with no mess. How does that sound?

We’ve compared installation times of Gyproc AquaBead and standard corner tape, with productivity up by 37%. It’s also much stronger than corner tape, giving a 38% reduction in impact damage during our trials, as tested in an independent laboratory.

Because there’s no need to bed the bead into joining compound, you just need two coats of jointing material, not three as with traditional corner tape. And you can apply your first jointing coat just 30 minutes after installation – another time and cost saver for you.

Find out how to get your hands on Gyproc AquaBead here.