Bird feeders, bird boxes and biodiversity: Artex's wildlife conservation project

biodiversity and woodland project

Encouraging local biodiversity and a woodland project - just two ways Artex is protecting the local environment for future generations.

A typical day for Artex employees at our head office in Ruddington, Nottingham, includes looking after our retail and merchant customers to make sure they’ve got what they need, when they need it. But there’s another important group of customers we look after on a daily basis – the birds and wildlife that make up the biodiversity around our site.

A group of employees and members of our Environment Group encourage local biodiversity and support wildlife – we’re collaborating with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust on this. Tasks include keeping bird feeders well-stocked, clearing footpaths and providing plenty of bird boxes to attract diverse birdlife. We feel privileged to see our resident heron and the kingfishers that pop by from time to time!

We demonstrate our commitment to caring for the environment both locally and further afield. By supporting the woodland project at Rushcliffe Country Park – just a couple of miles from us – we’re helping to develop woodland for future generations to enjoy. Artex is supporting the project financially, but more importantly, our employees have volunteered with essential tasks such as planting the saplings.

Through this woodland project and our focus on encouraging local biodiversity, we’re supporting our parent company, Saint-Gobain, in its Environment, Health and Safety commitment.