Fixing cracks in walls


How to fix holes and cracks in walls

It’s easily done, whether it’s the door handle, back of a chair, or a child’s toy that’s been hurled across the room, holes in your walls can seem a nightmare to repair.

Worry no more, here’s some handy advice on the easy way to repair that hole in your wall using the Artex Easifix Wall Repair Kit. Watch this handy video or check out the simple steps on how to repair your walls below.

Step by step guide...

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is sound, dry and free of loose material around the hole.


Ensure tools and mixing bucket are clean and free from set pieces of plaster or filler. Add 1 bag of filler to 325ml of clean water. Stir continuously until a smooth paste is achieved. Once mixed allow to stand for 5 minutes to allow any un-dissolved powder to be absorbed then re-mix to a creamy consistency.

Application - Plasterboard Holes

Remove the paper backing from the self-adhesive patch and apply over the hole. Apply a thin layer of filler over the patch and feather out 50mm beyond the patch edge. Allow to dry, then apply additional coats if required, mixing to the same instructions.

Fill holes and cracks with the filling knife

Application - General Filling

Fill holes and cracks with the filling knife. Clean tools and bucket using warm soapy water immediately after use.

using wall repair kit

Drying time

Mixture is usable for approx. 45 minutes. Setting time is approx. 70 minutes



Allow to dry thoroughly, ideally overnight. Sand to a smooth finish and decorate as required. When decorating refer to the relevant manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations for porous surfaces.


This kit is sufficient to fill 4m² and repair 1 hole.


Store off the floor in a clean and dry environment as absorption of moisture can affect the performance of the product. If stored correctly, the shelf life is 6 months.

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